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If you want to be held, open your arms dearest


“It is time to dance the new into life... and your dance partner is the cosmos! May it bless you in every way, a thousand times over”

- Renata B 


Renata is an open hearted being who has dedicated her life to the light of truth and love, selfless service and harmony of all. She guides and assists others on a journey in reconnecting to the nature of the being and to the source of love as the self. 


Radiate energy and vitality and sculpt a charming figure.

Private sessions to purify, activate and balance. Click here for more details.


Nurturing, loving and therapeutic massage treatments to heal, align and relax body, mind and emotions.  Find out more about Renata's blissful massages here 


A range of exquisite healing sessions using sound, light, meditation and self enquiry to harmonise energies, let go of old stories and  realise truth. Click here for more information. 

Online Offerings
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The Black River speaks

I am your exhaustion, the heaviness, the fatigue of matter dragging you down. I am the entryway into the blackness, pulling you down deep, spiralling inward. I am the wight of matter pulling you into form, into embodiment. I am the opposite of light, yet we work together to bring you into the here and now.