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Effortless is to be natural,
Reveal your natural and be effortlessly ~ Renata Be
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My deepest intention is to inspire and to guide you to ignite into a remembrance of who you truly are, so that you can become the highest expression of yourself.

Remember Your True Nature 

Soften the ropes of tightness

Pull your soft hands out and face them to the sky

You are Free

Just do that and You Are Free


Let those strings burn to ashes

In your light, in your strength, in your willingness 

Slow down and your vision will brighten

Drink the essence of your sweetness 

While grounding firmly into the stillness


Allow the openness to be your way

Listen to the sound of your deepest heart


You never loose yourself

Only at times you might forget but you are always here
Allow yourself to be reminded that nature of existence .
~ R.B.

All Renata's work serves the purpose of bringing light to your life and assisting you in reconnecting to the source of love and peace  within you

Renata's journey

Renata is intuitive Soul Guide sharing the light of Love across the planet Earth. Her mission is to assists the Earth in ascension process and to guide souls into remembrance of their true nature. Renata shares yoga and meditation practices as tool of awakening. She is highly intuitive lightworker/light transmitter, energy healer and body work therapist who has been on an intensive journey of awakening and self discovery!  Renata’s journey began in the very early days of her life without any conscious awareness of what was unfolding. Her life appeared to show her a wonderous mix of happy endings or tearful ones. Life was working in her favour, however, her young self did not see it this way for many years to come. Renata states “Only when it is realised, it becomes true. Everything else is only circumstances, stories, searchings, doings and havings.”  


Renata has been blessed with a nature of joy. She feels that everyone has something ‘inside’ them that is very much natural, very close to oneself. Once it is recognised, it becomes the fuel of life.  Through persistence and pursuit of that joy she was led to her first spiritual (self) awakening experience and to many more.  


Renata believes that through awakening, the true and direct pathway begins to reveal itself and there is no turning back. Her first Inner Light awakening was guided by her teacher Master Mindo on the island of Malta which Renata calls ‘a little Bubble of Heaven’. “The gateway was open and I dived in.” she says. “I did not know anything about how it worked... I had no clue about dimensions, chakras or energy fields, the only thing I remembered that it felt like home.” The sense of “being home” awakened trust and safety within which led Renata on her further self-inquiry practices.  


Renata says “At first, the journey is not always very pleasant as we need to undo many layers and reveal all limitations, let go of attachments and face emptiness/wholeness within. It is a continuous illiumination  of the unseen (not seen yet).”  


At this time, Renata started discovering Sadhana (practise that is aimed towards the very ultimate expression of his or her life in this reality). She committed herself fully to enlighten every aspect of her life in order to return to the Source Consciousness. Renata started daily practices of yoga and meditation, and continuous self-inquiry. Along the way she has been guided by her friend and teacher Master Mindo whom she has deep gratitude for. 

Renata loves adventure and enjoys alchemy of the natural unfoldment of life. Strong connection with nature initiates her favourite hobbies of skiing, hiking, free diving, surfing, sailing and long walks exploring fauna and flora of Planet Earth.

"I feel so blessed and honored to be a guide on your journey of awakening deep love, peace, connection, abundance, joy, light, and healing into your life." - Renata

Master Mindo is an Enlightened Spiritual Teacher who teaches about Mastery of the Mind, Full Enlightened Consciousness, Energy and Vibrations, Love and Self-Inquiry as a way to Total Freedom. He has been guiding Renata to Awareness Consciousness and to continuously rediscover her true nature.  Read more about Mindo here  


Yogi Prakash Dhungana is a devoted yogi, and the founder and chairman of Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal. Deep gratitude for his profound yogic teachings and initiation to yoga - the way of living. Tantra Yoga TTC 300hrs, Shanti Yoga Ashram, Nepal.  

“Tantra is the way to generate energy that is dormant inside of you, to circulate it and use it for your physical health, mental health, emotional health and finally for your spiritual health“- Guru Yogi Prakash 


“To be free of inner conflict and expectations is to give others in our life the greatest freedom.” - David Hawkins 


In gratitude of her teachers

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