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Effortless is to be Natural. Reveal your natural - be effortlessly. _Renata Be (2).png

Welcome Beloved,

May this journey be in your favour 

Realise/discover your gifts as CREATOR from an infinite Source.

These powerful and intimate courses are invitations for you TO BE REAL

What is real to you? And how do we really identify what is real?

Real is allowing the discomfort of being different, of being unique

Not by shaping the uniqueness of what you know

Unique is the way of your weirdness

It is that which you carefully hide

That spark which no one is  allowed to see

That part of you which you judge the most

That aspect of you which is afraid to be rejected

Real is that expression of you which yearns to be seen

It is like a quick cheer dance after your favourite ice cream

Real is that secret you keep

What is your secret?

If you don't know, you must inquire

You must cheer yourself, that realness of you

Expose it, allow it to flow

Allow it to be the nectar of life

Extract your deepest unique self expression

Share it with the world. Be creative. Dance the dance

Celebrate the real in you

Allow yourself to be different as it pleases

Bow to your own splendor

You also must be willing to face the discomfort of getting used to be real

Laugh out loud

It is one big COSMIC JOKE

Realise it and you are FREE

~ Renata Be

Feel free to invite yourself to rise into the remembrance of who you are and why you came here.
It is a sacred journey that will support you in discovering your purpose, activating your gifts, deepening a connection to your soul, expanding awareness and shifting your consciousness.

The Path of Love
Awakening of Devotion
11 sessions course

The Path of Love is realising that which is NATURAL to you. That which is effortless. That which is deeply healing and ALWAYS HERE.

Are you constantly trying to prove strength, to sustain stability, to practise solitude as if that state would define the success.

"Being fine" with everything, trying to please, to be in a certain way, pretending and slowly exhausting this self, hardening.

When it becomes as hard as stone, it starts cracking. Oh yes, I invite you to bow to those cracks. Softening, softening, slowing down the enormous impulse.

The shine is just right here, in the crack. It has always been here. 

Yes, we know, it feels unsafe to be vulnerable. You are  being held here. Relax beloved, we've got you, in the lightness of light. 

Drop your grounds, surrender to air ever available

Burn the need to perform

See the moment for what is

Allow every desire to flow through you

Nothing to be defended in the openness of eternal NOW

Be the water, slow and steady

What we all truly desire is to allow the natural to be seen.

This course is available as a personal 1 on 1 journey. Feel free to get in touch if you are being called to connect and master and integrate self love into your life.

Gifts of the course:

- Personal guidance

- Light transmissions

- Emotional Inquiry

- Releasing core patterns that hold you back from loving yourself and living the life you love

- Openness in becoming boundless in the possibilities for your life

- Clarity of your deepest intentions and values

- Daily rituals in cultivating Self love

- Intimacy with The Self
- Deeper love and overall harmony

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