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Renata offers a variety of blissful hands on energetic, sound, light and deeply healing therapies designed to bring peace, harmony, softness and alignment on all levels.

About Renata's Treatments

Renata’s treatments awaken one’s true essence. She offers the art of compassionate touch infused with the sense of harmony and balance. She intuitively adapts to individual needs, releasing one into deeper states of healing and relaxation. Her treatments simultaneously work both on physical and energy bodies allowing the mind to rest in stillness. 

Renata is qualified massage therapist (ITEC, BTEC, FHT qualifications), energetic body healer and Lomi Lomi Nui Kino Mana practitioner.

During years of practice she witnessed that the most wonderful effects of the treatments are to see clients glow inside out. Massage is a self loving practise that must be maintained by every human being. 

Divine Healing Ceremony (Heart Opening)
Deeply supportive, restorative package


This therapy is designed for those who are finding themselves in any kind of exposure, vulnerability, emotional/psychological/energetic challenges, trauma. Also it is for those who are experiencing intensity and overwhelm of life experiences. Highly supportive space created effortlessly allows for intensity to be release, heart to be trusted, source of love to be infused in the being. Sacred space is being created for the process of your soul’s healing to be awakened/continued/integrated. 

Blissful healing ceremony - enveloping you in healing source of love using intuitive body work techniques, sound and light therapy, DNA activations and heart expansion. It assists you in re-connecting with inner strength, nurturing sensitivity, patience and loving wisdom that is not emotionally dependent. 


This package includes soul guidance/activations on the next steps of evolution. 


90 - 120 minutes

Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaiian Healing Therapy)
Wholeness package


Lomi Lomi Nui Kino Mana is an ancient Hawaiian unifying all bodies system. During this therapy wholeness of the being is being invoked through the hands on the body practice along with energetic work on personal energy field, electromagnetic field and auric field. 

While the whole body is accepted unconditionally, the muscles and connective tissues are stretched, stiff joints are loosened, the skin glows and internal organs are gently massaged into their correct relationships. As a result, Lomi Lomi massage may be soothing, revitalising, energising, gentle or deep. The therapist works with deep breathing and a heart-centered focus, giving balance, energy flow, and peace to the client - making this massage holistic and unique.

Lomi Lomi Nui wholeness package includes feedback/guidance on how to maintain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

90-120 minutes

Sound and Light Therapy
Soothes Nervous System

48394359_300032880491087_4102907662876803072_n copy.png

Sound and light therapy is an experience supported by science and it’s wonderful effects on nervous system. 

The process strengthens desired brainwave response patterns by taking advantage of the brain’s natural tendency to synchronize with pleasant rhythmic stimulation. It allows dysfunctional patterns to correct and attune with higher frequency. 

Light and sound can enhance the work of physicians, psychologists, therapists, body workers, any harried professional, as well as the individual experimenter who wishes to explore altered states of consciousness, awareness expansion and sensory stimulation. It has been successfully utilized to improve creative thinking, boost athletic ability and deepen mediation practice.



Improved sleep quality and duration

Decreased anxiety, nervousness symptoms

Increased patience and reported being less irritable with others

Decreased or the disappearance of pain following the sessions for few times

Clarity and energy improvement 


Sound and light therapy has been shown effective for: depression, PTSD, OCD, memory and learning problems, ADD, ADHD in children and adults.

It is a guided process into deeper states of relaxation through vibration of the sound, light of energy, support of consciousness. 


Highly recommended for everyone!

60 minutes

Deep relaxation. Stress relief, energy release/boost
Balancing and deeply harmonising package


Deep relaxation therapy is designed ​with an intention to open up your body, harmonise energy field and calm down the mind. It is intuitively designed technique with a deep healing properties allowing you to release all what does not serve you anymore and bring you into higher alignment with the sense of newness and freshness. It is an instant activation of higher you. 

After this therapy you might recognise closeness within yourself and more natural way of being. It awakens a sense of peace and deeper surrender to what is.


Deep relaxation therapy consists of hands on body work (massage), deep release and purification of stagnant energies, healing with source of love and grounding more light into the body. 

90 minutes

Therapeutic Treatment
Feel good package. Body Mind Spirit Connection


Therapeutic Treatment is designed for your body/mind/spirit to come back into alignment of feeling good space. When one feels good, everything else harmonises, mind surrenders, spirit shines through. 
During this treatment deep tissue techniques are used for your body to relax and release the  tensions from within. Mind is being smoothened through the high vibrational sound and spirit inspired for the joy of life. 

This treatment is suitable for those who experience excessive stress, anxiety, tiredness, lack of energy and poor concentration/focus. 


This session is an excellent reboot for your day-to-day life. 
However, the well being must be maintained at all times. 


75 minutes

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