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Back to You

Take a seat beloved, take your shoes off
Stop the train of experience, have a look, inhale
Drop in and see it through
release the holdings, the heaviness of the past
The anxiety of the future
Be Here 
Soften the shields of belief, let go of limitations
Stop the habit of trying
To be Someone
Gift yourself
To Be You
Allow yourself.. to be naked, to be clean, to be 
Let the gentle breeze enter your soul
Drink from the well of inspiration
Change the colour of your eyes
Turn on the glow of your skin
Relax, relax beloved
Exhale in full acceptance of yourself
Do not rush
In this new template you are invited
To shift into listening
Deep listening love
Listening of what brings you alive
What do you get excited about
Listen to that background Yes
Go for it. Go for it dearest
It is your alley
Back to You.


Renata Be

An invitation to slow down, soften, relax, release the inner control and recognise what is always present here.

Renata is an open hearted being who has dedicated her life to self mastery and revelation of the true Absolute Self in order to assist in humanity's ascension and spiritual service for individual souls. She guides and assists as a way-shower on a journey to self-realisation and source of love.
She offers support to every soul who is on a path of awakening deep love, peace, connection, abundance, joy, light, and restoring relationship with oneself and life. 

Re-wiring/changing the relation with the self, environment, habits, repetitive patterns, attachments, believes, conditions etc  SETS YOU FREE

Make the living effortless and spontaneous.
It is a way in which you do what feels natural and good. EFFORTLESSLY

Effortless Living = Openness

Openness = Aliveness 

Aliveness = Spontaneity

Spontaneity = allowing the Natural Self to be revealed

Re-Turning To the Source


Online Offerings


Upgrading Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness Introduction 

Levels of Consciousness (LOC) are a complete overview of the evolution of Human Consciousness and possible life experiences.

Victim or Abuser consciousness is commonly known as the Ego or the Lower Self.

Self-Empowerment consciousness is about overcoming the Ego and the Lower Self and coming into an alignment with Life, where life starts to become more supporting.

Self-Realization consciousness starts with the first Inner Light awakening, known as the Spiritual or Higher Consciousness awakening and progresses towards the Bliss of Full Consciousness
and the Absolute Self.

For more introduction to the Levels of Consciousness please read this article.

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