Ease into Softness

Renata Be (Jyoti Ma)

Renata is New Humanity School Teacher sharing effective practices and teachings all around the world. More

There is magic about you

Wholesome about you

Lightness about you

Love, stardust, brightness is You

Sensitivity is her gift in this play of life

Trust is the core of the tree

Slowly, patiently she brings openness to those who invite her;

She is the invitation for those who see

For those who yearn to dive into the possibilities of Leela -Divine Play

She shows that darkness is not scary 

There is no hight to fall in hurt

She opens the feeling 

The experience of the Self

Unlimited vastness

Showers of Bliss

Pleasure in it's nature

Desire to love

The sin and reward

All is equal and welcomed

Trust she whispers, oh, Trust

What are you looking for?

Allow her to share infinite with You


Renata Be

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Upgrading Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness Introduction 

Levels of Consciousness (LOC) are a complete overview of the evolution of Human Consciousness and possible life experiences.

Victim or Abuser consciousness is commonly known as the Ego or the Lower Self.

Self-Empowerment consciousness is about overcoming the Ego and the Lower Self and coming into an alignment with Life, where life starts to become more supporting.

Self-Realization consciousness starts with the first Inner Light awakening, known as the Spiritual or Higher Consciousness awakening and progresses towards the Bliss of Full Consciousness
and the Absolute Self.

For more introduction to the Levels of Consciousness please read this article.

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