The Black River Speaks

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

I am your exhaustion, the heaviness, the fatigue of matter dragging you down. I am the entryway into the blackness, pulling you down deep, spiralling inward. I am the wight of matter pulling you into form, into embodiment. I am the opposite of light, yet we work together to bring you into the here and now.

I am your resistance, the screams and cries of terror, the tears that have bound you into being a slave of the body. I am your sights, the tiredness that overwhelms you, that keeps you inert. I am the grief and the sorrow that keep you stuck in your patterns. I am the body weighting down your soul, grinding you down until you sit and recognise me and my power.

I am the energy within all matter, encoded within your bones, waiting to become crystalline by your surrender into my deep, dark well. Sink into me. Fall down and spiral deep, losing your consciousness, gaining your freedom.

Surrender to my embrace, the hug of matter, as we again become united. Let you light descend. Enter the body. I will hold you and bring you real life. Allow yourself to become the heaviest you have ever been, and i will make you light again. I am the memory held within the body. I am sloth, I am inertia. I am gravity, I am stability. I am your body. I make you solid and tangible. I am the sleep that hides within you until you contact me. I am the perfect stability that supports Creation in being. I am the fluid silence of physical mastery. I am the glue of matter that binds atoms together. I am bondage, suffering, death and inertia that you are too scared to face and acknowledge. I am part of life, and I signal the beginnings of NEW LIFE. Enter death and you enter life. I am the voice of your resentments, your loneliness, your feeling you have rationalised spiritually and intellectually. I am the voice that hides underneath your spiritual and political correctness. I am the root of your irritation with yourself.

I am the emptiness of your humanity, and I show you where you have betrayed your humanity. I am that which you have to dare to express, to take courage to share. I am the voice lurking in the shadows, waiting, festering for a moment to speak. I remind you of the human truth of relationships, not the white truth, but the grounded truth. I show your illusions and your fantasies that you design to keep you safe at night. I show you the falsity of your presence and what lies underneath it. I show you the real you. I show you what you do not wish to see.

So honour me. Honour my voice within you. Keep the balance between your human needs and your diving giving. I grand your selflessness onto earth, into the body. Honour your body - world and it's impulses. Do not let me take over, for it I do I will lead you into the deepest slumber and forgetting. I am the voice of matter trapped in light, and when honoured I am the voice of Shakti released. I am the voice of the primal web of life, here and now relating on Earth. So speak my name: scream it, whisper it, growl it, sing it. Loe it all. My voice is your truth. Let me slip through your lips, just a droplet - a sig, a soft moon - and flow with it, allow it, follow it back to my source. In this way you become the river. Breathe into whatever darkness arises, and breathe it out into expression. I am unearthing your shadow. All your grief, joy, primal rage - what are they all but flow? Soft eddies and vast waters, all of it is love.

- Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Black River Speaks

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