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Spiritual Guidance

The You is like a flower bud
Soft and tender, pulsing gently in the infinite

Creating ripples of light into manifestation of life

Softly vibrating the essence of unseen just yet
In Openness, always circulating the Love of Unlimited Self
Aware of itself and ready to blossom

Bringing roots down to the Earth as an expression of Pure Light in the manifestation of Lila

Building the river of Love to transmute

To open, to reveal, to be seen for what IS

Brightness, Pure Light, Real, Here, Now

Flower is already here

Fully Openly Inclusive

Welcome precious soul, I am greeting you into the sacred space of brightness, lightness, abundance, joy, openness and love. I invite you to relax, slow down, soften the attention and dive into unity with oneSelf permeating all.

All of my work serves one in upgrading consciousness, expanding, transforming solidity of the body into crystalline one. Activating the highest potential, assisting in embodying light and higher vibration.
It is all inclusive, highly intuitive guidance which consists of laws of Universe, energy frequencies and light of awareness. In alignment with Master Mindo teachings - New Humanity School.

Transmitting - Assisting - Guiding

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Renata's teachings are based on authentic insights, wisdom of the spirituality essentials revealed through self awakening and expansion of consciousness.

Renata is highly intuitive multidimensional being assisting one in re-connection with the Source and remembrance of his/her multidimensional existence as consciousness itself.

"When the focus shifts from self-importance to good for all, life transforms. It is a practise of an open heart." ~ R.B. 

There are paths to be taken, rivers to be remembered, souls to be united, lightness of the truth to be reveal.

These meetings can be held in person or via Zoom call. 

Cosmic Invitation


Influx of light 

Cosmic invitation is an initiation, re-activation of remembrance of the soul family, re-connection with the thread of divine. It is highly supportive and deeply releasing meeting with an intention of re-awakening the fire of the spirit, the essence of the being. 

Cosmic Invitation is a guided process to connect with cosmic light and to activate your cells, to vibrate in resonance with openness/receptivity and lightness of consciousness. To allow the process of coming in alignment with your highest true self. 

Effects of the session:
~ Lightness

~ Spaciousness

~ Release

~ Upliftment

~ Clarity

~ Stillness

Light Body Activation


The fuel of your Light Body is Love

Put simply, the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to the Source. If the goal of each soul is to merge with God, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there.

Experiencing Light Body
“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


Allow the Light to penetrate you

Recommend to have 3+ sessions

The Lightbody or Merkaba is sacred geometry that transcends space, time and dimensions. It is an aspect of the body that activates each cell to a specific resonance and reestablishes a higher connection with the creative Light of God.

The Challenges of Light Body Activation 

As the new light body operating system comes online, its paradigm shifting effect on the consciousness challenges our existing physiology, chemistry and emotional/mental homeostasis. It challenges our sense of who we are and what’s important. It challenges our values, choices of activity, life style, and goals. It can disrupt beliefs and cause us to question our fundamental definitions of health, happiness, truth and love. It can alter our food attractions and dietary needs. 
Through the challenges we are able to recognise what is natural and what is un-natural to us. 

Sooner or later one must have clarity and courage to return from the adventure of experience and come back to the Self. FREEDOM can only be found in our self, in the depths of the Being. 

Unconditional Love


We open the Heart

We can not know love we can only be it. We can not be unloved, we can only know it. 

Unconditional Love teachings highlight the open heart and the practises we use to maintain the heart open throughout life experiences. 

This session is for those who are being called to remember the power of the heart. The power of Devotion. The power of Forgiveness. The power of Love. The power of Self-love. 

It  might be you, deep down in the knowing, of that, which is stronger/ungraspable/all penetrating/unconditionally accepting of who you are. You have been listening to this voice for a while, and you know, the time to reveal your heart is Now. And I can assist you with that. 

It is an initiation to the Path of Love, the Joy of the Heart.

Effects of the session:

 ~  Enhanced Self Love

 ~  Emotional Release

 ~  Trust

 ~  Grounding

 ~  Clarity

 ~  Forgiveness 

 ~  Unity

 ~ Connectedness 

It is a transmission of deeply healing energy.


Everything and everyone is moving back into a state of love and harmony. (1).png
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