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We accumulate so many layers of stress and tension, blocked energy and resistance in our lives. Yoga helps us to move into the flow, effortlessly and beautifully and to peel away the layers of who we think should be and how we move through our lives.  Allow Renata to guide you through a 1-2-1 yoga practice to assist you to clear away what is not real and to reconnect with a natural and deeper version of yourself - all the while toning and strengthening the body.

Renata RYT 500Hr is a Lithuanian born Yoga of Now and Tantra Yoga  teacher who shares effective life transformational practises for raising of one’s consciousness and bringing overall balance and harmony in relation with oneself and life.

In 2014 Renata has been initiated into yoga and guided to start daily sadhana practises. Since then she has been on intensive journey of awakening and self discovery. Yoga has been a catalyst component of her life. In 2017 she completed Classical Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course at Shanti Yoga Ashram, Nepal in order to spread the knowledge and magnificence of this science. As passionately committed to deepening her knowledge, Renata continued her journey and in 2020 she was certified as Yoga of Now teacher at New Humanity School. Renata committed herself fully to enlighten every aspect of her life in order to live at the highest potential, sharing love and light.

Renata loves adventure and enjoys alchemy of the natural unfoldment of life. Strong connection with nature initiates her favourite hobbies of skiing, hiking, free diving, sailing and long walks exploring fauna and flora of Planet Earth.
Renata’s mission is to offer a harmonious relationship with life and oneself by inspiring a deeper sense of joy and love.

Renata offers group and private yoga sessions. Teaches at Yoga of Now teacher training courses.


Kriya Yoga is a purification practice. It is a combination of asanas, pranayamas, awareness and continuation. Our Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) is densely concentrated with abundant consciousness. Nowadays, most human beings nervous system are functioning very low which means that we do not have access to our full potential (consciousness). And so we get upset, angry, out of balance very quickly as the Nervous system fires up within a matter of seconds. Kriya Yoga practice helps us to find peace with ourselves, unites the mind and body, awakens the spirit.


-      Clarity of the mind

-      Confidence

-      Harmony

-      Balance

-      Inner peace

-      Serenity

-      Stillness

-      Inner Strength

90 minutes


A gentle, restorative Yin Yoga practice... It is a journey to your deepest self. In the space of Presence there is nothing to do, nowhere else to be. You rest. Trust. Everything stops. The invitation is to discover stillness, your natural Being-ness. Through this practice of surrender and continues allowing you are able to discover the highest potential of your being. Let go of control and allow life to unfold in its most perfect way.



-      Inner stillness

-      Peace

-      Openness

-      Receptivity

-      Love

-      Gratitude

-      Freedom

90 minutes


The invitation is for you to discover energy that is dormant inside of you. Through tantra yoga practice we circulate the energy and use it for physical, mental emotional and spiritual health. This type of yoga is traditional yoga from the Himalayas and is an extremely devotional practice. Tantra yoga starts with the gross level-body and gradually transitions to the subtle-level consciousness. This teaching system offers the evolutionary process from Hatha yoga, meditation through the body, to Ashtanga yoga, meditation through the mind, to Mantra yoga, meditation through sound, to Kundalini yoga, meditation through the chakras, and ultimately to Shiva-Shakti yoga, meditation through the internal masculine and feminine energies.


-      release what does not serve you anymore

-      Learn how to use your potential energy

-      Live the life you love

-      Endurance

-      Commitment

-      Clarity

-      Inner strength

-      Connection with the deeper self

-      Flexibility

90 minutes

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